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HVS Market Pulse: Fort Worth, Texas

January 3, 2018

By Hunter Dietz , Kathleen D. Donahue Anchoring the west end of the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, Fort Worth features the old and the new. Also known as...

HVS Market Pulse: Detroit, MI

December 21, 2017

By Brandon Leversee The Detroit metropolitan area has experienced significant economic growth in recent years, fueled by a strengthening auto industry as...

HVS Market Pulse: Anaheim/Garden Grove

December 20, 2017

By Li Chen The market is experiencing a period of economic strength and expansion, primarily led by the tourism and leisure industry and the presence of...

HVS Market Pulse: Lubbock, Texas

December 11, 2017

By Hunter Dietz Lubbock (aka “Hub City”), Texas, connects business, educational, and healthcare enterprises spread across the region known as...

HVS Market Pulse: Indianapolis, IN

November 10, 2017

By Jai B. Patel and Justin Kaminski  Indiana’s capital city, Indianapolis, is the state's largest and the third-largest city in the...

HVS Market Pulse: Charlotte, NC

September 20, 2017

By Patricia Shih Charlotte, North Carolina, is one of the biggest cities in the southeast, second only to Jacksonville, Florida, by population, and among...

HVS Market Pulse: Atlanta, GA

February 2, 2017

A significant amount of work is underway in Atlanta, with new expansions and builds promising to bring in more tourists, commercial travelers, and group demand...

HVS Market Pulse: San Francisco, CA

January 12, 2017

By Katie Minnock, Suzanne R. Mellen San Francisco is a major hub for employment in the high-tech and financial sectors, and is revered both as a tourist...

HVS Market Pulse: Perspectives on the New York City Lodging Market

December 22, 2016

By Anne R. Lloyd-Jones With average rates declining by 1.5% in 2015 and on track to drop at more than double that pace in 2016, the New York City lodging...

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